Angela Bush Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 9:13 PM
To: Jake Cantrell
Here is the story:
Galveston County Office of Emergency Management
News Release
Sunday, September 14, 2008




Whereas, Hurricane Ike struck Galveston County, Texas on September 12, 2008 and on September 13, 2008 with catastrophic winds and storm surge, inflicting widespread and severe damage, injury, loss of life and property;


Whereas, Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston County, Texas, has suffered extreme and extensive damage from Hurricane Ike and is estimated to be 90% destroyed;


Whereas, the storm surge on Bolivar Peninsula has led to extreme and massive damage;


Whereas, on this day, BolivarPeninsula remains under water, impassable, inaccessible, and isolated;


Whereas, there is no water, power, or other utility services on BolivarPeninsula;


Whereas, there are no open stores, other amenities, or means of communication functioning on BolivarPeninsula;


Whereas, there is no usable infrastructure on BolivarPeninsula;


Whereas, Galveston County recognizes its obligation under law to preserve and protect public health, safety, and welfare;


Whereas, the County Judge of Galveston County, Texas, has declared a local state of disaster for Galveston County, Texas;


Whereas, the Governor of the State of Texas has proclaimed a state of disaster for Galveston County, Texas;


Whereas, the President of the United States of America has declared a state of disaster covering Galveston County, Texas;


Whereas, on September 11, 2008, the Health and Human Services Secretary of the United States of America, Mike Leavitt, declared a public health emergency in the State of Texas due to Hurricane Ike;


Whereas, rescue efforts are underway on BolivarPeninsula to continue to locate and rescue survivors;


Whereas, the continuing presence of survivors located on BolivarPeninsula will hamper and impede ongoing rescue efforts;


Whereas, the continuing presence of survivors located on Bolivar Peninsula will contribute to or exacerbate a public health emergency on Bolivar Peninsula; and


Whereas, Galveston County is facing extraordinary circumstances in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.


Now Therefore, it is hereby ORDERED by the CountyJudge of Galveston County, Texas, that:


all survivors located on BolivarPeninsula shall be and are hereby ORDERED to vacate BolivarPeninsula; and


this Order shall take effect immediately from and after its issuance.


IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, on this, the 14th day of September, 2008.





James D. Yarbrough,

County Judge of

Galveston County, Texas